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I cannot say enough good things about Pro-Tec Exterminating. Dave, the owner, is passionate about his business and it is evident by the exceptional customer service he provides. All services are VERY reasonably priced and he guarantees his work. Dave takes his time to ensure the job is done thoroughly and any questions you have are answered. He has been to my home several times and I have been fully satisfied with the service every time.

- Emily


I had a run in with a rat in my basement, I called Dave based on a friends suggestion, he came the same day, discovered the issue and within 1 day had 3 rats caught! He was diligent with coming to the property frequently enough to get the rats out. I am thrilled with his service and would strongly recommend him to anyone.

- Ronn


Pro-Tec was highly recommended by a co-worker for my ant problem. The technician was friendly and knowledgeable. He explained the probable source and solution. I am very happy with the results.
- Isabel

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  1. I absolutely love my Pro-TecExterminator, David Bowden! He is extremely knowledgeable, responsive and provides high quality customer service, with fair and responsible pricing. I will not trade him for any other. Thank you David for over 10 years of exceptional service.

    One Rodent-Free Customer

  2. Back in February, I was given David’s name from a very good friend. At the very start, David was inquisitive about my pest problem. He was knowledgeable about the problems I was having and how best to treat them. I mentioned to him I was shopping out the job and would contact him once a decision had been made. Each I time I phoned David with questions, he personally answered my call. We tentatively set up an appointment date as I was under a deadline to have the extermination done. Surprisingly, on the day I phoned David to tell him that I was going to use another company, he was at a local business doing a follow up. When the business owner overheard the conversation, she very strongly advised me not to use the big “T” and shared her experience with them. She highly recommended David and his service. We hired David for our pest and mice problem, and since the day he treated my home, I have not seen a mouse or insect since. Thank you, David for running your business with passion and integrity! A very satisfied customer!

  3. I am the office manager at Comzer/West Insurance Agency on Dorchester Ave., a very heavily populated area with restaurant’s and markets and we had a terrible mice/rat problem as our office which is a small house but since we can across Pro-Tec, David we don’t have that problem any more. We’ve been using him for years and wouldn’t have it any other way. All of us here at the office love his professionalism, compassion and reliability. Anytime we call him he is here within 48hr if not sooner. I also hired him for my daughter when she got her new home. I recommend him to all my customers that have homes.

  4. David Bowden and Pro-Tec Exterminating have saved us from years of dealing with sugar ants before we learned about him from a neighbor. We live in an area of Jamaica Plain where these pests thrive and David has safely and swiftly eliminated them from our home. David is amazing; smart, knowledgeable, efficient and always responsive. I have recommended him to everyone who has needed pest control and they, like me, have been thoroughly pleased.

  5. I have been using Pro-Tec Exterminating for YEARS for my home and have recently hired him for my business. David is absolutely awesome. Great customer service, very knowledgeable and extremely reliable. I first used him when I had an infestation of ants. He now comes semi-annually to treat the premises for ants and annually to ward off the mice. If I start to see anything to early before the next scheduled service, I call him and he is very responsive. He takes great pride in his work.

  6. What a class act. Would that all professionals took a page from his book: he knows the science behind his craft, cares about his customers, explains everything in a clear and actually fascinating way, you know exactly what you’re paying and what you’re paying for, and best of all the pests are gone! We are looking forward to our spring maintenance treatment. So glad to have abandoned the big company we dealt with before in order to support a local tradesman. Should have done that a long time ago, but better late than never.

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